Company Profile

Eco-Deck Ltd has been in operation since January 2007 and was the pioneer in Mauritius in using composite planks made of recycled plastic and rice husks.

Over the last 5 ½ years Our teams have gained an enormous amount of experience in using this type of products in many different applications and have learnt to master the material safe working limits in various types of environment. We have also chosen to use durable & stable materials with our Eco-Deck composite planks. For example, we use either 25, 50 or 75mm high aluminium tubes as joists, aluminium angles to stabilise and fix the joists and all these are fastened with stainless steel screws and aluminium pop-rivets.

The Vision of the company is to offer an alternative solution to wood and to deforestation for home owners, industrials and professionals who are looking for an environmentally friendly, an economical, a durable and a substantially less maintenance product.

We are currently importing our composite product from one of the biggest manufacturer in China who has the capacity of producing fifty 20 feet long containers per month or 47,500 m2 decking per month. They have invested over US$ 50 million into their research and development department for continuous improvement of the product and for testing purposes. They also randomly test the UV stability of the product before and after the production process to ensure a consistent and good quality product.

Eco-Deck Ltd has a showroom and its offices in Curepipe and a store & workshop in Plein Bois next to L'Escalier. The company is comprised of one workshop team and five off-site installation teams adding up to a total of 25-30 tradesmen/workmen. On the office side, we have one secretary, one technical and sales representative, one administrative/accounting officer and the managing director and owner, Didier Lagesse.