Past Decking Projects

Below is not exhaustive list but some of our main Industrial Decking projects done over the last few years:

Beachcomber group:

  • Shandrani Hotel, skiing jetty decking
  • Shandrani Hotel, Suite bathroom & outdoor patio decking
  • Shandrani Hotel, Hammam & Sauna change room and shower
  • Dinarobin Hotel, Kids club playing area decking
  • Victoria Hotel, Boat House decking

Veranda group:

  • Paul & Virginie Hotel, Kiosk decking
  • Paul & Virginie Hotel, Beach ramp decking
  • Veranda Hotel, Main Pool decking
  • Dinarobin Hotel, Kids club playing area decking
  • Victoria Hotel, Boat House decking

Attitude Resorts:

  • Marina Village Hotel, Main Pool and Bar decking

Nexteracom Buildings Ebene:

  • Nexteracom 1 level 10, VAM management, terrace decking
  • Nexteracom 1 level 13, Ernst & Young, Bar & terrace decking
  • Nexteracom 3 level 11, Egyptian Villa outside and Jacuzzi decking
Port Chambly Hotel, Main Pool decking
Tamarina Hotel, Main Pool, Spa, Reception and Bar decking
Tamarin Hotel, Reception, Bar and Pool decking
Sirandane Hotel, Main Pool decking
Preskil Hotel, Spa decking
Sakoa Hotel, Main Pool decking
Nautica Commercial Centre, Screening and decking
Palm Square Centre, decking
Trianon Shopping Park, Nandos decking
Jumbo Phoenix, Arabica, Pizza Hut & Barcelos restaurant decking
Bon Azur Apartments, Main Pool & apartment steps
Paradise Beach Apartments, Main Pool & individual terrace decking
La Croisette Grand Baie Shopping Centre, Decking, Balustrades & Cladding
Newton Tower, Terrace decking
Imperial China restaurant, outside terrace decking
Telecom Orange Tower, Ebene, roof floor outside decking
Jeetoo Hospital, Cantine / Restaurant decking
Sicom Building Port-Louis, Decking
FSC "Financial Services Commission" Building in Ebene, Decking